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A Brief History of the Department

"Resistance of materials"

Department of Strength of Materials "organized in 1969. on the basis of Theory of mechanisms, machines, machine parts and materials resistance. The first head of the department is Alexander Gotz - Associate Professor, PhD. Technical. Science. (Currently - Professor of internal combustion engines, doctor of technical. Sciences, honored Machine Builder of Russia, member of the Academy of Transport, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.) AN Gots headed the department from 1969 to 1979gg. The department included:

- Egorov Aleksandr Petrovich, assistant. On the exchange between universities was sent to Germany (GDR) in graduate school, where he defended his thesis on the definition of stress by photoelastic analysis. Later, a long time working on the motor department, now - retired.

- Pashnina Valentina Ivanovna - Associate Professor, PhD. Technical. Science. She arrived in the span of Izhevsk.

- Laktionov Yuri - assistant. Was invited from the Saratov State University. At the present time - leading engineer NIKTIDa, Vladimir.

- Bryndina Valery - assistant. Currently, Head of the Laboratory TSPKTB, Vladimir.

- Kutrinskaya Inna assistant. For a long time worked as an engineer school management VlSU.

- Kardashenko Alexander B.

- Novoselov, Evgeniy - a renowned expert in the field of cylindrical shells.

Since 1972. the department works Valentin Kislov, PhD. Technical. Science. VM Kislov was invited from Samarkand, where he worked for the Post Graduate of the Moscow Engineering-Construction Institute. Since 1973. - Senior Lecturer, in the future - associate professor. VM Kislov worked at the department for 2005. Died in August 2007.

Since 1972. the department works Anatoly V. Kabanov, PhD. Technical. Science. AV Kabanov, was invited from the city of Oryol. At present - Associate Professor, Chair.

Since 1973. the department has worked (in 1994). Ivan Shishov. At present - Associate Professor, Department of Building Structures.

One of the oldest members of the department is a veteran of World War II Nikolaev Pavel. He worked in VVPI with 1958. Since 1969. by 1994. first school master, and in the future - Head of Laboratory, Department of resistance materialov.V these years, worked at the department: Anisimov, Vasiliy Mikhailovich (lecturer engineering college); Zveryaev Michael Mitrofanovich - a graduate of Leningrad University; Fokeev Nikolai Ivanovich (later switched to machine parts); Polozhenskaya Rima Ludwigovna.

Since 1977. senior lecturer at the department operates Viktor Valuiskikh, now - professor, doctor of technical. Sciences, and since 1978 .- Vladimir Telegin, PhD. Technical. Science.

Yuri Borzin headed the department since 1979. on 1983g.Yu. B. Borzin - VPI graduate degree in internal combustion engines. He worked in TSKPTB, where he prepared his thesis. After defending his dissertation appointed to the chair.

In 1979. The department consisted of 12 teachers, including 5 candidates nauk.Osnovnaya technical discipline of the department - the resistance of materials. The department had three training labs and one research, equipped with a class of programmable control Accord-2. The department worked on a single scientific topics included in the plan of the Council of Ministers of the USSR - "Group methods of analysis of structures.

In 1980. there was selection of the new department.

Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics was founded in 1980. Be part of the Faculty of road and agricultural construction (the dean - Valery Semenov). Headed the department Vladimir Telegin. The department employed 10 teachers, 5 of them Ph.D. (Associate Professor VA Telegin, VP Valuiskikh, VI Pashnina, VM Kislov, II Shishov). At the department came assistant Andrei V. Polyakov - a graduate of VPI. On the distribution of young professionals began to work Ludmila E. Kondratiev (a graduate of VPI) and Svetlana Mavrina. Since 1981. by 1994. assistant in the department worked Mikhail V. Gavrilov, at present - Associate Professor of TGViG, deputy dean of ASF. Training Master the department worked Yuri B. Fedotov.

The chair lectures on the two main disciplines: structural mechanics and applied mechanics. The main scientific direction - the design strength of composite materials with predetermined properties.

In 1983. opposite occurred merging the Department of Strength of Materials and Department of Building and applied mechanics in a single department "Resistance of materials". The head of the Department since 1983. by 1995. was VA Telegin.

It was a time of growing professionalism of teachers of the department. In 1986. VA Telegin opened postgraduate in structural mechanics. The first graduate student was AV Polyakov. Successfully defended his dissertation, had worked at the department, is currently the General Director of "REC".

Graduates of postgraduate study LE Kondratiev, and SA Mavrina. Successfully defended their dissertations in Voronezh Civil Engineering Institute: in 1990. LE Kondratiev (supervisor V. Telegin) in 1991. SA Mavrina (supervisors VA Telegin and VP Valuiskikh).

Since 1984. the department works Natalya Malova - first have part-time, and since 1989. assistant in the department, later becoming a graduate student VA Telegina. AN Malov defended her dissertation in 1996. (Supervisors VA Telegin, A. Arben) in the VPI.

Since 1986. Associate Professor at the Department operates Arnold F. Kovalev.

Since 1988. the department works Margarita G. Tankeeva.

Since 1987. by 1989. graduated with a doctorate TsNIISK. Kucherenko (Moscow) and successfully defended his doctoral dissertation in 1989. VP Valuiskikh and v1991g. he was awarded the title of academician of the Academy of Transport of Russia.

During this period, actively working on his PhD Alexander Timokhin.

The department long enough time to work:

- Sergei G. Tatarnov, PhD. Technical. Sciences and is currently the chief designer of the project institute "Proekthimzaschita", Moscow.

- Yuri Smirnov, assistant, a graduate of Civil Engineering Faculty of VPI specialty "Highways"; at present - General Director of Design Institute "Vladimiravtodorproekt.

- Vladilen Y. Prokofiev, Assistant Professor, PhD. Technical. Sciences, a graduate of Civil Engineering Faculty of VPI, specialty "Highways"; currently holds a managerial position at the World Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

- Sergey Kopylov, Assistant Professor, PhD. Sci. Sciences, a graduate of Moscow State University and is currently - Associate Professor of Mathematics.

Since 1995. by 2002. department is headed by Alexander Timokhin. In 1997. He defended his doctoral dissertation. He received the rank of professor. Under his leadership, he defended his thesis graduate of Civil Engineering Faculty, specialty ASG Sergey Tsarkov. SV Tsarkov worked as assistant chair for several years, currently working as head of the department.

During this period, largely due to VP Valuiskikh, the department appears modern computer lab with 12 stations. This led to the emergence of a new direction for the department for teaching modern information software systems to students of different specialties in the first place - the students major in architecture.

Since 2002. by 2004. department is headed by Viktor Valuiskikh, professor, doctor of technical. Sciences, Academician of the Academy of Transport of Russia. Actively developing the scientific work of the department in the direction of practical application - research and development of techniques gidrozamyva pipelines.

Under the leadership of VP Valuiskikh defended their Ph.D. dissertations SA Mavrina, TN Yashkov (at present - Associate Professor, Department of Building Structures), E. Kosygin (now - doctor of technical. Sciences, professor of construction industry) ; graduate student, a citizen of Ghana (Graduate School of Industrial and civil construction VPI) Richard Kvofie Ohene.

Since 2004. to August 2009. department headed by Professor, PhD. Technical. Science Arnold F. Kovalev. The department is working to attract young professionals. Since 2005. assistant in the department works Maxim Krainov (at present - Lecturer, Chair of Building Structures), and since 2006. - Yevgeny Petrovich Myasnikov: first assistant, and later to present - Head of Laboratories Department. EP Myasnikov is a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Building with a degree in Industrial and civil construction. In 2008. the department after the repair is entered a computer room, equipped with modern computer equipment that allows the department not only to conduct training sessions with students VlSU, but also hold sessions with representatives of other organizations on an extrabudgetary basis.

Since September 2009. Head of Department is Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Viktor Petrovich Valuiskikh.


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