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The issue of opening a major in architecture in VlSU raised long ago in 1974. Schools that train architects, at the time was not enough. Architects released in Moscow, Leningrad, Sverdlovsk and Novosibirsk, and the Union republics were preparing cadres for themselves. Not surprisingly, there was a deficit of Architects, and their positions are sometimes on the ground occupied by people without special obrazovaniya.V 1990 Rector VlSU AG Sergeyev had received a letter from the executive committee of the need for expertise in architecture, and it triggered.

Specialty "Architecture" was opened at the Department of Industrial and Civil Construction Civil Engineering Department.

September 1, 1990 to begin training future architects. The first tutors were the candidate architecture B. Park, I. Trufanova, soon joined them a candidate architecture A. Varganov, members of the Union of Architects and Muraviova V. Semenov, and later on the candidate architectures R. Konopleva, E. Mokhorev etc.

Figure came to teach a graduate art-graphic faculty of the Pedagogical University of N. Nayanzina. Then Section artistic disciplines has been strengthened by three other teachers: E. Biryukova (over the years, her thesis and became Doctor of Philosophy), J. Malkova and V. Bogomazova.

Training began on the basis of programs cerebral university - the Moscow Architectural Institute (founded in 1740)

First time out regularly came to lecture and to provide methodological assistance, Professor S. Ozhegov, I. Purishev, candidates architecture Aurov V. and V. Shimko. And when they started the first issues of the experts, led by the work of HES V. Shimko, in Aurov, In Sosnowski.

In becoming a specialty participated Vladimir architects practice: an architect-restorer K. Limonov, Chief Architect of Vladimir Pichugin and architects S. Golubev and Nikolai Volkov (authors of the concept master plan for the city of Vladimir in 1993), as well as a licensed architect in . Toropov, V. Petrov and others

Staff of the department is currently as follows: 11 full-time teachers, including 1 professor, 2 candidates architecture, 2 Ph.D., a philosophy Ph.D., 4 members of the Union of Architects. The head of the department Ph.D. Professor Avdeev SN

Training is conducted in accordance with state educational standards, approved by the Ministry of Education of Russia March 10, 2000 (registration number 67 excl. / x) taking into account regional factors. Study - full-time, full-time (6 years). Education is financed from the budget (20 seats) and on the basis of contracts with tuition paid by businesses and individuals.

Since 2003, opened form of full-time accelerated training in the specialty 290100 - "Architecture" on the basis of secondary special education.

The first issue of architects was in 1996, is now preparing to release 13 young professionals.

According to statistics, none of specialists graduates is not registered at employment offices. All are applied his knowledge in the specialty or close professions: landscape architecture, design, computer graphics, animation art. Some graduates occupy leading positions in the structure of architectural design and architectural controls in the district towns of the region. It is gratifying to note that with each passing year the number of graduates who find the use of their abilities in various design firms in Moscow, moreover, that each year in Moscow, produced more than one hundred experts in the field of architecture.

Within the walls of the faculty received an architectural education and students from other countries - Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, Morocco.

Preparing future professionals are active in pre-university stage. In 2001, the school number 25 was open architectural class. Successfully operate as preparatory courses. All this increases the pass rate in the profession (average Contest Entry 3 - 4 persons per seat).

On February 8, 2006 for a more effective organization of educational and scientific process, the Department of Architecture was separated into an independent structure.



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