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  Кафедра "Автомобильные дороги"-Highways and Airports  

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Highways take the mort important place in our life. They ensure high speed, comfort and safety. The graduates of the Department can design, build and serve highways, bridges, viaducts, car stations and complex structures.

Department of Roads dates back to 1975. During this period, the department "Building materials and engineering research" began to train engineers specializing in roads. " And in 1978, according to the order of the RSFSR Ministry of Higher Education of 1.06.78g. for № 323 Vladimir Polytechnic Institute from 08.08.1978 for № 97 / 1 was organized by the Department of "Roads", and its founder and first head was Professor, Ph.D., a member of Peters Academy of Arts and Sciences DANILENKO Timothy S., which was led until 1985 year.

In 1985, the department was headed by Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Academician Valery Semenov.

In 1991 he became head of the department assistant professor, Ph.D. Postnov Sergei Ivanovich.

In 1993, the head of the department became associate professor, Ph.D. Schuko Sofia Alexandrovna.

Since 2003, the head of the department is associate professor, Ph.D. SEMEHIN Edward Frolovich.

From the first days of the establishment department scientific direction of its activity was associated with the use of industrial wastes of the Vladimir Region in the construction of highways, reducing pollution and reducing construction costs. And since 1985, the Department is engaged in research to improve the quality of construction and design of roads. Organization and road safety.

With the development of the department of scientific and pedagogical staff of the department was changed, replenished with new fine experienced teachers with the highest pedagogical skill and professional level work: Samoilova I. Love (1978), Arkhipova Valentina - Associate Professor (open since 1978), Edward SEMEHIN Frolovich - Associate Professor (open since 1981), Egor Nikolai Mikhailovich - Assistant (1980), Lebedev Anatoly, Associate Professor (1980), NIGAMATYANOV Rinat M. - Assistant (1980), NADOLENKO AP - Assistant (1980), VERHOKAMSKII KA - Assistant (1980), Abramova Galina Yefimovna assistant (1982), Barrels Alexander - art. prep. (1985), EREMEEV Alexander Assistant (1987), BURANOVA Angelica V. - Assistant (1987), Eugene A. Pospelov - Acting Associate Professor (1988), LEAN Sergey Ivanovich (1983), TOUR Natalia Isaeva NV, Medovikov Alexander (1990), Kalinin, AN (1990), Belyaev BA (1990), KARDASHENKO AV (1990), vortices Alexander (1989), BURANOVA AV, Pospelov, EA, Nikolaeva Svetlana - Assistant (1994), IZHORIN Gennady L. - Associate Professor (1995), PROVATOROVA Galina - Associate Professor (1992), Vinnikov Tatiana assistant (1996), Andrey Dmitrievich - teacher-trainee (2001).

Training and laboratory and experimental base is in constant development: a laboratory and classrooms, purchased new equipment, facilities, tools, a new electronic computer technology, training and visual aids are issued and updated guidance, exercises, etc. The department is open postgraduate.

Teachers of the department constantly improve professional skills, continue their studies at the postgraduate level and protect the masters theses: Bochkov, AA (1980), Semehin EF (1983), Samoilova LI (1987), Postnov, SI (1989), Provatorova GV (1993), Vikhrev AV (1995) in 1988. Semenov VA defended his doctoral dissertation. Arkhipov VF 1995 - 1998g.g. graduated from a correspondence doctorate TSNIIEUS (Central Research Institute of Economy and construction management), in 1998, defended his doctoral dissertation.

The teaching staff is trained and skills in leading universities of Russia, and enterprises.

Teachers of the department are constantly exchanging information and experience on various scientific conferences held annually.

The department represents the exhibits at various exhibitions, for which were awarded medals, diplomas and certificates.

The department maintains a large and diverse scientific and Economic agreement work. Here are just a few of:

• Over the years, to develop and propose the Department was built over 30 km of roads;

• Improving the quality management system works in the construction, repair and maintenance of roads with the development of regulations and regulatory documents to assess the quality of road construction, repair and maintenance of roads;

• Develop a set of design, technological and organizational measures aimed at improving the quality of road construction to improve and develop new methods and devices for testing of soil;

• Interpretation of aerial photographs of Suzdal;

• Research and development of techniques to create electronic maps of Vladimir and p.Yurevets using aerial photographs of scale 1:2000;

• Geodetic control of the state of historical monuments of Vladimir and Vladimir Region;

• Certification of road Vladimir region.

Students of the department extensively involved in the research department, are involved in contractual and state budgetary topics, Pierce, Wirz. Students are co-authors of inventions, publications. Students of the department are actively involved in sports, student spring, various circles in the work of the student trade union committee of the University. At the end of study, students are qualified engineer specializing in highways and airports.


Our address: 87 Gorky street, room 525, Vladimir, Russia

phone: (8+0922) 479690,  phone/Fax 479907



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